Relaxation Massage

Because the primary purpose is relaxation, Anne uses smooth, gliding strokes. She works at at a slower pace and uses light pressure. Since there is less emphasis on working out serious adhesions or knots in the muscle tissue,  a Relaxation Massage won’t push your pain limits in order to get the muscle to release.

 Deep Tissue Massage

Aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscles and connective tissue (tendons, ligaments). Anne will utilize many of the same techniques and movements of Swedish (Relaxation) massage, the pressure used in deep tissue will generally be more intense.  It is focused on working to release chronic muscle tension, stiffness or knots.  To help with pain reduction, a whole person approach to healing will be used (i.e. exercise, posture and strengthening of muscle groups involved).

Full Body Wrap

An invigorating exfoliation prepares the body for your choice of body muds to hydrate, firm or detoxify skin.  Anne uses products designed specifically for the waterless spa and will not dry on the skin omitting the need for a shower.  Your wrap will end with a light massage using warm moist towels to remove any body mud.  You will find immediate benefits that include ease of sore muscles and stiff joints and leave feeling wonderfully renewed.

On Site Chair Massage

While you’re relaxed in a special massage chair, Anne focuses her work on your upper back, neck and shoulders to help ease tension and promote further relaxation. You remain clothed and no oils or lotions are use. Clients report great relief with as little as a fifteen minute session. Perfect for employee recognition, girls’ night out, celebrations.
$70/hour  (minimum of 3 hours)

Out Call Massage

Relaxation or Deep Tissue Massage services only.  Anne can come to your location with her equipment and table.  Travel fee is added to the hourly massage rate.
Hourly rate plus $25.00 travel fee (within 10 miles of Pleasant Ridge office)